Die Geschichte der ALLPLAS Schwimmkugeln - Erfolg seit über 50 Jahren

A great success story

Beginnings in the 1960s

ALLPLAS Floating Balls’ tale of success began over 50 years ago: in September 1963, RITTER CHEMIE began producing and distributing floating balls.

The first customers were companies with plating departments, who covered their chrome plating baths with the heavy and robust PP 45 mm floating balls. This reduced evaporative and heat losses, while simultaneously improving employee working conditions.

  • ALLPLAS floating balls reduce splashing and evaporative losses.

  • Coverage for hot rinsing baths

  • Coverage for an aluminium industry treatment bath

Boom thanks to the oil crisis

The petroleum crisis of the 1970s brought the next big market boom for floating ball blankets: Energy savings had become an important topic, and many industrial sectors were searching for concrete energy savings measures. ALLPLAS floating ball blankets, being a simple but efficient coverage method for liquid surfaces, were suddenly in great demand. Then and now, the floating balls’ simple handling, low investment costs and long life are major advantages.

Floating ball blankets continue to be a simple, tried-and-tested system for covering liquid surfaces, while also protecting the environment.

New milestones

ALLPLAS Floating Balls have been part of COATING PRODUCTS since October 2019. Our declared objective is to continue development along the successful path ALLPLAS Floating Balls have trod for decades, and to work with our customers to implement new projects.

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