Das genial einfache Prinzip der ALLPLAS Schwimmkugeln

The simple and ingenious
ALLPLAS principle

The buoyant plastic balls are simply poured onto the surface of the liquid, and organize themselves into an even layer, providing impressive 91% coverage!

Reduce high energy costs, mitigate environmental impact and greatly simplify handling.

Immense advantages compared to fixed coverage solutions:

• No accumulation of explosive gas concentrations between cover and liquid surface

• Extremely simple handling

• Avoidance of unnecessary operational and maintenance costs

ALLPLAS floating balls are manufactured in Germany and Europe according to a special process without inflation holes. Modern manufacturing plants, precise monitoring of process parameters and high-quality raw materials ensure ALLPLAS balls’ consistent high quality.

Our bestseller, the 45mm PP ball, is designed with a circumferential bead. This anti-rolling ring provides increased stability and prevents the balls from rotating. This ensures a stable surface and prevents evaporation.

Durable materials such as PP and PE, coupled with a range of ball diameters, make our floating balls appropriate for a broad range of applications. Even after 50 years on the market, new scopes of application for the ALLPLAS System continue to be discovered.

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