Reduce energy costs by covering liquids with floating balls

  • Schwimmkugel PP

Impressive reduction in energy costs

Covering liquids with ALLPLAS floating balls results in numerous advantages:

  • 69 %
    less heat loss
  • 88 %
    reduced evaporation
  • 98 %
    less odor nuisance
  • 63 %
    reduction in oxygen input

Another plus point is the extremely easy handling: the floating balls are simply poured onto the liquid surface - they automatically arrange themselves into an even layer and cover 91% of the surface.

  • Covering liquids with ALLPLAS floating balls causes:

    • Significant energy savings
    • Reduction of evaporation losses
    • Improvement of workplace conditions
    • Avoidance of odor nuisance

Take advantage of ALLPLAS floating balls now and save energy costs!

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