Reduce energy costs by covering liquids with floating balls

Saving energy – reducing costs

Through the use of ALLPLAS floating balls, significant cost factors such as heating and operating energy can be significantly positively influenced.

Evaporation losses are reduced by up to 90%, thus significantly reducing the required water refill quantities as well as the discharge of expensive chemicals. The cooling rate during downtimes is seriously delayed and the temperature stability of hot liquids is also significantly improved.

Save at least 50% on costs

In most cases, energy savings of at least 50% are achieved after applying a layer of ALLPLAS floating balls.

Example calculation of cost savings1)

Hot water bath  |  3 m2  |  70°C

  • By covering the surface of the bath with floating balls, heat loss is reduced

  • Strong reduction of evaporation by covering with floating balls

Heat supply required at 70°C

Without cover 4,1 kW x 3   12,3 kW
Single-layer cover 1,0 kW x 3   3,0 kW
Savings 9,3 kW
Energy savings per year with 5.520 operating hours 2) 51.336 kW

Water evaporation per hour

Without cover 4,9 kg x 3   14,7 kg
Single-layer cover 0,5 kg x 3   1,5 kg
Savings 13,2 kg
Water savings per year with 5.520 operating hours 2) 72,9 m3

Cost reduction per year through the use of floating balls

Energy savings 51.336 kW x 0,1986 €/kWh 3) 10.195,33 €
Expenditure for floating balls 1.500 pieces PP 45mm 4) 328,50 €
Cost savings per year 5) 9.866,83 €

The cost of covering with floating balls is amortized after less than two weeks!


1) Data is based on empirical research. Technical information is always provided without obligation to the best of our knowledge and belief.

2) 5 days/week 24 hours runtime; 260 working days/year minus 30 days shutdown = 230 days/year; 230 x 24 hours = 5,520 hours/year

3) Electricity price for non-households, Federal Statistical Office Destatis, as of 2022

4) Procurement costs for 1,500 pieces of ALLPLAS PP 45 mm balls, as of January 2023, freight costs neglected

5) Cost of capital neglected

Reduce the discharge of expensive chemicals

A cover with ALLPLAS floating balls reduces evaporation and thus effectively prevents the discharge of expensive chemicals such as pickling inhibitors and bath additives.

In the example above, a single-layer cover reduces water evaporation by 72.9 m3 per year – with an addition of 0.25% additive, this leads to a discharge of 182 kg of bath additive when operating without a cover and thus, assuming a price of € 15/kg, to a loss of € 2,730 per year.

  • Achieve cost savings with ALLPLAS floating balls:

    • Reduction of energy costs
    • Reduction of heat loss
    • Improvement of temperature stability
    • Reduction of evaporation losses
    • Reduced discharge of expensive chemicals
  • Further advantages of the ALLPLAS floating balls:

    • Reduction of odour nuisance (up to 99%)
    • Reduction of operating and plant maintenance costs
    • Improvement of workplace and environmental conditions

Exploiting savings potential

Take advantage of the savings potential offered by ALLPLAS floating balls and reduce your energy and operating costs quickly and easily.

We will be happy to advise you!

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