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  • Floating balls different sizes and colour

  • Floating ball PP 45 with collar

  • Floating balls HDPE 100 mm, Bird Ball

Floating Balls PP

Type Quantity per m2
PP 10 mm Small surfaces • aquaculture 12.000
PP 20 mm Laboratory baths use up to 100°C 2.500
PP 38 mm Galvanics • electroplating 800
PP 45 mm Our stable, all-purpose bestseller • powerplants 500
PP 45 mm black UV stabilized for outdoor usage • no algal fouling 500
PP 70 mm 16g particularly chemical-resistant 250
single-layer application

Floating Balls HDPE

Type Quantity per m2
HDPE 10 mm Small surfaces • aquaculture 12.000
HDPE 20 mm Laboratory use at 70–80°C • aquaculture 2.500
HDPE 38 mm 9g Galvanics • electroplating 800
HDPE 50 mm 8g heavy-duty balls 465
HDPE 50 mm 16g extra-heavy-duty balls 465
HDPE 100 mm Bird Ball • waterfilled 240g Pond coverage • Algae-resistant • Windstable 116
single-layer application

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Operating Temperatures

Type permanent / temporary
PP floating balls 100°C  /  140°C
HDPE floating balls 80°C  /  100°C

Polypropylen floating balls

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer produced by polymerization. Polypropylene is colourless and odourless with a high level of strength and surface hardness. PP is harder and more heat-resistant than polyethylene.

PP floating balls are suitable for use on most organic solvents, non-oxidized acids and alkalis as well as mineral oils and fats.

PP floating balls are suitable for a temporary temperature application of up to 140°C. On constant UV exposure, the 45 mm PP floating ball can be coloured with a special soot black, providing it with improved UV stability.

In the case of long-term continuous exposure in the higher temperature ranges 100 – 120°C, the 38 mm PP floating ball with a diameter of 38 mm is preferable. This floating ball has over 2 times more plastic content than the known 45 mm PP floating ball, resulting in an average wall strength of 2.2 mm. Due to this feature the water absorption is lowered to a minimum.

The 38 mm PP floating ball is used in gas/liquid absorbers, in caustic soda baths and all baths with high temperature ranges. The 38 mm PP floating ball is also used on hardening oils and salt baths with high temperature ranges. Following a standing time of 6 months in the bath there were no changes detected on the 38 mm PP floating ball.

Polypropylene floating balls

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer made of monomer ethylene. HDPE has a high level of resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals and practically does not swell up at all in polar solvents.

The HDPE floating balls are suitable for a temperature application of up to 80°C.

Typical areas of use: Liquid level displays, level indicators for storage tanks and water level indicators for hydro cultures.

HDPE floating balls with a thick wall such as the floating balls with a diameter of 38 mm and 50 mm are used in electroplating for efficient covering of acid and alkali baths with a bath temperature of under 80°C.

The water-filled and UV resistant 100 mm HDPE floating ball „Bird Ball“ is ideal for wind resistant pond and fire pond coverage. The formation of algae is also reduced.

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