Reduction of heat losses

Significant reduction in heat losses

Covering liquid surfaces with ALLPLAS floating balls reduces heat loss by up to 82%

  • The need for heat supply to maintain the operating temperature is significantly reduced on surfaces covered with ALLPLAS floating balls *

  • 75 %
    Reduction of heat loss
    with one layer

  • 82 %
    Reduction of heat loss
    with two layers

* Data is based on empirical research. Technical information is always non-binding and to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Easy to use

The hollow plastic floating balls are simply poured onto the surface of the liquid and automatically arrange themselves to form an even cover – due to their geometry, the surface is already 91 % covered with a single-layer layer.

Reduce heat loss

Take advantage of the advantages of ALLPLAS floating balls now and reduce heat loss!

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