Minimise oxygen absorption

Minimise oxygen absorption

ALLPLAS floating balls cover up to 91% of surfaces due to their geometric shape and thereby vastly reduce the amount of oxygen absorbed by liquids.

In addition, covering surfaces with floating balls is much more economical and environmentally friendly than nitrogen flooding.

  • Reduction of oxygen absorption

  • Oxygen absorption after 10 days

The oxygen absorbed by a surface covered with ALLPLAS floating balls is reduced by 63% compared with a non-covered surface.

The use of nitrogen flooding reduces oxygen absorption only by 23%.

source: University of Bremerhaven

  • ALLPLAS floating balls have the following practical advantages over nitrogen flooding:

    • Easy to use
    • No maintenance
    • Short payback period
    • Operational safety
  • ALLPLAS balls have been shown to reduce oxygen absorption for:

    • Cooling water
    • Feed water
    • Extinguishing water
    • Fatty acids
    • Wine
    • Crude oil
    • Tanks

Prevention of Corrosion

The floating balls are especially used in power plants. Increased oxygen concentration in feed water and condensate and storage containers results in unwanted corrosion in the tank and the pipes. Covering the surface of the water with Allplas floating balls prevents harmful corrosion and minimises evaporation and temperature loss.

Energy Saving

ALLPLAS floating balls are also used to save energy:
Heat loss is reduced by 70%, emissions and evaporation loss are reduced by up to 80%

Cost reduction

The use of ALLPLAS floating balls can save considerably on expenses as the cost of procuring ALLPLAS balls is far below that of a nitrogen flooding unit – also, the balls are maintenance-free.

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